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The Bedrock Consortium is a Linux Foundation project that supports the operation of the Bedrock Business Utility, an independent self-governed and self-sustainable public identity utility.

The BBU is intended to serve organizations that desire to participate in digital trust ecosystems and require an enterprise grade governance framework that will:

Enforce permissioned-writes with contractual instruments that will conform to privacy regulations such as GDPR

Maintain financial sustainability of the consortium without the use of cryptographic tokens

Establish a governing board so that no single organization owns the Public Identity Network

Require adherence to specified open standards and protocols

Latest Bedrock News

December 1, 2020 in Blog

Cross-Industry Collaboration is Underway to Build and Operate Decentralized Public Identity Utility

Welcome to the Bedrock Consortium and Bedrock Business Utility (BBU) website and hub for collaboration.  The BBU is an independent and self-governed public identity utility that provides a permissioned infrastructure…
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